business litigation 


Business is both complex and competitive; disputes over contracts and myriad other business issues are a common occurrence. When disputes do arise, they not only consume valuable time and financial resources, they also distract the organization from the important task of running the business.

To ensure the best outcomes, organizations need to work with a legal partner that first sets out to understand their business goals. Only then should counsel assess the dispute, consider all the options, and construct a winnable litigation strategy.

McMillan's Litigation Group is one of Canada's leading domestic and cross-border corporate commercial litigation firms. Our lawyers are recognized for their creativity and effectiveness in bringing disputes to a satisfactory conclusion, both inside and outside the courts. And with specialists in key areas such as competition, intellectual property, real estate, securities and other areas, McMillan's Litigation Group always strives to deliver a complete solution – no matter the nature of your corporate or commercial dispute.

As experienced litigators, we always assess risk and opportunities before advising clients on the likelihood of success and helping them weigh their options. We also understand that litigation is not always the preferred option. We help clients pursue a full range of resolution avenues including early negotiated settlements and alternative dispute resolution methods. If we proceed to court, however, we are equally recognized for our ability to vigorously advance our clients' commercial interests.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by:

  • Litigating and resolving contract disputes, partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, banking issues and/or bankruptcy and insolvency issues
  • Defending them in class action lawsuits