James Munro says "the legalization of cannabis is bigger than the end of Prohibition" in Lexpert's June Issue  

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June 2018


On October 17, 2018, recreational marijuana will become legal in Canada. The announcement by the Trudeau government comes after an historic vote in the Senate to pass Bill C-45, and after more than a year of intensive study in both the House and Senate.

McMillan’s James Munro who co-founded the firm’s cannabis practice, spoke with Lexpert about the complexities of running a cannabis business. He addressed some of the prime issues surrounding the industry, how law firms can benefit and how cannabis has become an industry that is starting to attract some major players. 

Munro told Lexpert: “The legalization of cannabis is bigger than the end of Prohibition. It’s more akin to grain becoming legalized and regulated”. He also explained how the industry has evolved. “Cannabis isn’t just a garage industry anymore. We’re talking about sophisticated issuers with sophisticated products who will increasingly attract major players”. 

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