media, communications and entertainment 


The business of entertaining and informing people has become increasingly complex. In Canada and around the world, regulations seek to preserve and promote local programming, while protecting the copyrights of producers. But globalization and technology have made that an increasingly difficult proposition by breaking down borders and creating access for a worldwide audience. While this is a challenge, it is also an opportunity: players in the industry can now reach billions of potential customers.

Companies operating in media, communications and entertainment are focused on delivering content that they hope people will consume and advertisers will sponsor. Billions of dollars in advertising revenue are at stake. Whether they produce television programming, sports or gaming entertainment, enterprises face a wide range of complex business issues when bringing their works into the commercial marketplace. With the right law firm in their corner, they can navigate this new territory profitably.

McMillan's Media, Communications and Entertainment Industry Group brings together legal expertise from a range of our practices, including Corporate and Commercial Law, Competition, Intellectual Property, Government and Public Policy, and others. This breadth of talent—and passion for the industry—enables us to assist clients throughout the production process. We work on everything from financing, syndication and sponsorship through to securing international production and distribution rights.

We have worked on some of the most significant transactions in the industry with some of the most well-known organizations including live theatre producers and presenters, recording artists, gaming companies, gaming supply and support companies, film and television producers, concert promoters, writers, directors, distributors, multimedia companies, post production and digital effects companies, broadcasters, merchandisers and sports franchises.

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