Financial technology, or "FinTech", is the latest disruptive force changing the way consumers and businesses make investments, raise equity, borrow money, make payments and use currency. The combined strength of Canada's financial and tech sectors create a unique opportunity for Canada to become a global leader in this area. But disruptive change also creates risk for the new disruptors and long-standing financial institutions.

As a premier legal services provider in the financial services industry, McMillan is uniquely positioned to help clients exploit the opportunities and navigate the risks FinTech brings. We have deep regulatory and transactional experience in all parts of Canada's financial services industry, in regulatory oversight and in public policy. We have experience at the highest levels of Government, including a former Finance Minister, and lawyers at the leading edge of technology and innovation.

While FinTech is a young industry, we have built a significant track record of service for clients in the sector. Our experience includes:

  • Advising institutional lenders, tech companies and regulators on a wide array of FinTech matters including cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin), the payments ecosystem and peer to peer payment systems, mobile payments and deposits, virtual wallets, online lending,  trading and investments and financial planning "Robo-advisors". 
  • Negotiating on behalf of clients the complex intersection of cybersecurity, data privacy, banking and securities regulatory compliance, consumer protection and other regulatory and transactional requirements.