In Memory of the Right Honourable John Turner 

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September 21, 2020


On behalf of members of the firm across Canada, McMillan LLP extends deepest condolences to Geills Turner and family on the passing of former prime minister John Turner.

We are honoured to celebrate the contributions Mr. Turner made as a partner of the firm from 1975 to 1984, the period that directly preceded his return to politics and his leadership of the Liberal party as Canada’s 17th prime minister. In joining McMillan’s predecessor firm, McMillan Binch, Mr. Turner brought charisma and infinite energy that proved invaluable in advancing our growth. His exceptional business and legal acumen, combined with unsurpassed insight into public policy was an inspiration to his colleagues and an exceptional benefit to clients.

Among many remarkable achievements over his political career, Mr. Turner’s reforms to the Criminal Code will be regarded as enlightened and progressive for years to come. The Criminal Law Amendment Act was pivotal in advancing the values of inclusion and diversity through the decriminalization of homosexuality, abortion under certain conditions, and the sale of contraceptives. It also tightened rules for gun possession, and brought new penalties for drinking and driving.

McMillan appreciates its good fortune in experiencing first-hand the extraordinary character, skills and stature that Mr. Turner embodied. Today, we proudly recognize his enduring national and international legacy as a great parliamentarian, and his indelible impact on the firm as a treasured colleague.