James Munro says there is danger in approving too many retailers on eve of Cannabis legalization 

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September 2018

British Columbia could potentially miss an opportunity to start crowding out the black market for marijuana by not having legal retailers open by the Oct. 17 legalization date, according to the Vancouver Sun.  

James Munro, a partner in McMillan LLP’s capital markets group in Vancouver with a specialization in the Cannabis market, believes there is also a danger in rushing the process and approving too many retailers too quickly.

“How do you assure the public that all those applications meet all of the objectives you set out in your legislation, when it comes to thorough criminal records checks, pushing out the black market and keeping cannabis out of the hands of adolescents,” he said. “The world will be watching. And if Canada or the provinces or territories get it wrong, that’s going to be a massive news story.”

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