McMillan Cybersecurity Article Series 


November 2016 - (McMillan LLP)

McMillan LLP

Cybersecurity and cyber risk are growing areas of concern for businesses, governments and individuals. Cyber crime is on the rise and becoming increasingly organized and sophisticated. While awareness of the concern is growing and the law in this area is rapidly evolving in response, security breaches are still regularly featured in headline news stories. As organizations are increasing their investment in data safeguards, McMillan's Cybersecurity Group would like to help our clients understand legal issues related to cybersecurity.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce the McMillan Cybersecurity Article Series. This bi-monthly series is intended to provide information on legal issues related to cybersecurity in order to help businesses identify and mitigate risks.

To access articles in this series, click below.

Issue 1: Cybersecurity – The Legal Landscape in Canada
Issue 2: Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things
Issue 3: Mitigating Cyber Risk and Cybersecurity Insurance
Issue 4: It's Time for Your Company's Cyber-health Check-up
Issue 5: International Data Transfers to and from Canada
Issue 6: "Going Dark" – No Easy Answers on the Cybersecurity Horizon 
Issue 7. The Cybersecurity Implications of Driverless Cars

We hope that you will find our series useful in planning for your business.

Please do not hesitate to contact your McMillan advisor or any member of our Cybersecurity Group, if you have any questions arising out of the articles, or other cyber risk and data protection matters affecting your organization.