McMillan LLP One of the Winners in the Second Edition of Best Offices Ottawa 2017 

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November 22, 2017

Rankings and recognition

McMillan’s Ottawa office was recently named as a one of the winners in the Best Offices Ottawa 2017, as published in the Ottawa Business Journal. The business journal profiled six notable workplaces in the nation’s capital and highlighted McMillan’s contemporary social hub which was designed to create a collaborative environment that would help connect firm members with clients in productive ways.

“The composition of the “law office” is transforming, moving away from the traditional hierarchical system to a more horizontal management style, and one that is focused on collaboration and teamwork,” said McMillan partner Martin Thompson. “You need to be able to connect with everyone on the team and understand and respect the unique role each person plays and how it all works together.”

Inside the modern open concept space at McMillan, client meeting areas are flexible and rooms can be organized to cater for large teams or small groups. McMillan is also located in the heart of Ottawa’s business district, in west end of the World Exchange Plaza building, making the 15,000 square feet office easily accessible by car and transit for clients.

To see McMillan’s Ottawa office, here’s a virtual tour.