Patrick Groom discusses the potential implications for Ontario's 25 construction unions for the Daily Commercial News 

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January 2019

McMillan LLP partner Patrick Groom was interviewed by the Daily Commercial News for his opinion on potential implications for Ontario’s 25 construction unions and their employer counterparts operating in the ICI sector. This has come as a result of the decisions made in the last year by the former Kathleen Wynne and current Doug Ford governments.

“The Carpenters’ and the Labourers’ (Labourers’ International Union of North America) have always been the most contentious parties,” Patrick said. “Given the passing of the formwork legislation, and the fact that LIUNA lost a number of members, we really expect there will be a big push with LIUNA trying to recapture those employees and reorganizing those individuals again. But alternatively we also expect a big push for the Carpenters’ to go after those employees.”

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