Terminating Tenancy: Three lease-break clauses that allow for redevelopment 

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June 4, 2015

David Ross, Commercial Real Estate Partner and Co-Chair Commercial Leasing Group, was published in the May 2015 issue of Canadian Property Management: GTA & Beyond Magazine.

In his article titled "Terminating Tenancy: Three lease-break clauses that allow for redevelopment", David discusses the options a building owner has when considering redevelopment of an income producing property. If a landlord is looking to redevelop during a tenant's lease term, the lease should ideally include one or more specific provisions that allow the landlord to either terminate the term or relocate the tenant to other premises. If a landlords can foresee that it will be redeveloping during a tenant's lease term and can include in the leases the appropriate provisions, costly negotiations with their tenants that can hold up the redevelopment can be avoided.

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