The Ministry of Labour's Ballroom Blitz: Are You Ready? 


April 2016

Employment and Labour
The Ontario Ministry of Labour announced its schedule for workplace inspections for 2016 and 2017 and employers in the identified sectors should be prepared for the Ministry's spotlight.

The schedule can be found here:

The blitzes are being coordinated between the Occupational Health and Safety Program and the Employment Standards Program, so inspectors are going to be looking at employer practices under both the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Employment Standards Act, 2000.

Employers should review their practices to make sure they are compliant and that their records are up to date so that they are prepared for a spot inspection from the Ministry. In particular, employers will want to review their records to ensure:

  • they have up-to-date information on their temporary foreign workers (i.e. work permits are current and accurate) and that they are acting in compliance with information submitted in connection with obtaining Labour Market Impact Assessments;
  • employees have been properly classified for the purposes of overtime eligibility and that hours of work records are being maintained;
  • health and safety procedures are being followed (particularly with respect to falls and material handling);
  • they have followed the Employment Standards Act, 2000 requirements with respect to interns and student workers.

Do not hesitate to contact any member of McMillan's Employment and Labour Relations group if you have any questions regarding your obligations or how to prepare for an inspection.

by Dave McKechnie

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