address your public company needs 



Rapidly changing requirements by regulators and government. Increased demands for transparency by shareholders and the public. Using mergers or acquisitions (M&A) to fuel growth in a sluggish economy. Addressing the tax implications of domestic, cross-border or global operations.

There are many challenges facing public companies today. Keeping pace with the sometimes conflicting demands of all stakeholders and anticipating the opportunities and risks that public companies face can be a daunting task.

It is one that requires the help of professionals who understand all the needs of a public company, from managing current and future financial requirements to considering growth options through M&A to making sense of the tax and regulatory requirements that come with operating in the public sphere.

McMillan is a leader in helping public companies manage their growth and success. We understand the issues public companies face including IPOs and alternative IPOs, stock exchange listings, public disclosures, private and public M&A, takeover bids, and domestic and international tax planning.