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McMillan defends corporate and individual clients facing criminal or quasi-criminal investigations relating to business activities by government authorities. We have wide-ranging experience addressing cartel and other antitrust/competition offences, domestic and foreign corruption and bid-rigging issues, anti-money laundering regimes, securities and commercial fraud cases, export/import controls, customs and economic sanctions violations including blocking statutes and issues involving trade between Canada and Cuba, as well as other regulatory investigations.

We bring together professionals with deep knowledge of the specific industry and the government or regulatory body associated with each investigation. We use this expertise to guide our clients through what can often be a complex and sensitive situation that can negatively impact the entire organization.

Our lawyers have significant experience conducting internal investigations as well as responding to search/seizure/arrest/detention/extradition/wiretap/subpoena and other investigative powers. We are frequently able to negotiate with investigating and prosecuting authorities to reach positive outcomes for our clients, but also have the capability to provide vigorous defences in proceedings before courts or other tribunals.