As major industrial countries seek safe and reliable sources of energy, many are working to develop their own, domestically-produced alternatives to oil and gas. Canada is at the forefront of many of these developments, fostering programs that encourage the development and commercialization of alternative fuel sources such as solar, wind, geothermal and biofuels.

Entering any new market can be incredibly challenging, much less turning an industry on its ear. Companies seeking to power the next generation of energy sources require legal counsel that knows the business of energy and believes in the mission.

McMillan's Energy Industry Group consists of lawyers who understand the nexus of business and energy innovation. Our professionals have significant experience helping new and established companies to grow their businesses as they bring sustainable and environmentally-responsible sources of fuel and power generation to the market.

Our experience in the wind and solar sectors led us to develop template forms of wind lease options and easements, as well a standard form solar rooftop lease that can be used by developers in their rooftop leasing programs. We have also acted for landowners and landlords in preserving their rights under similar leases and easements. Our extensive renewable leasing experience is matched by our experience drafting engineering, procurement and construction contracts for dozens of solar projects.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by:

  • Counselling industry associations and governmental bodies as they advocate for, and create regulations governing, the alternative energy sector
  • Assisting with feed-in tariff programs
  • Advising on environmental approval processes
  • Negotiating financing for investors, developers, borrowers and lenders
  • Performing due diligence and bankability studies on prospective projects
  • Advising on the purchase and sale of green power and renewable energy credits