anti-dumping and anti-subsidy remedies 


Globalization has led to an expansion in international trade. While there are many benefits from increased trade, competitive pressures may lead some exporters to engage in unfair pricing practices—dumping goods at an artificially low cost, or receiving subsidies that provide an unfair economic advantage to homegrown companies. These practices can have a disastrous impact on producers' ability to compete in their home markets, as well as international ones.

To protect companies operating in Canada against these activities, the federal government has a mechanism to determine if foreign goods are dumped or subsidized, and allows domestic companies to seek protection if they are being injured by competing imports. If unfair pricing is confirmed, anti-dumping or countervailing duties are put in place to protect the injured parties and help level the playing field. While the process is deliberate and includes well-established time lines, it is highly complex and success is not guaranteed.

McMillan's International Trade Group works with both Canadian and international clients to understand their options and advise on a course of action. Whether a client needs to develop a defensive strategy or an offensive one, we help analyze the full range of trade remedy options to protect their interests.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by:

  • Representing clients at complaint processes and investigations before the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), at injury inquiries in the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) and in review proceedings before the Federal Court of Appeal or North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) panels
  • Monitoring prices and trade flows to anticipate potential risks
  • Assisting them with dispute settlements under WTO and other trade agreements

For more information, see anti-dumping law in Canada.

The benefits of participating in trade cases are described in The Cloud with a Silver Lining.
A description of the processes and definitions may be found in anti-dumping/anti-subsidy FAQs.


Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) 

Subject Case citations
(with year of inquiry)
  Client country  
Pup Joints    PI-2011-001 Canada
Hot-Rolled Steel Sheet RR-2010-001 Canada
Greenhouse Bell Peppers NQ-2010-001 Canada
Polyiso Insulation Board NQ-2009-005 U.S.A.
Oil Country Tubular Goods NQ-2009-004 Canada
Mattress Innersprings NQ-2009-002 Canada
Aluminum Extrusions  NQ-2008-002 China, U.S.A.
Carbon Steel Welded Pipe NQ-2008-001 Canada
Seamless Casing NQ-2007-001 Canada
Carbon Steel Plate RR-2007-001 Russia
Bicycles RR-2006-001 Canada
Fasteners RD-2006-005 Canada
Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings RD-2006-006 Canada
Copper Pipe Fittings NQ-2006-002 Canada, U.S.A.
Garlic RR-2005-001 China
Grain Corn NQ-2005-001 Canada, U.S.A.
Concrete Reinforcing Bar RD-2005-02 Canada
Fasteners NQ-2004-005R Canada
Fasteners NQ-2004-005 Canada, China
Concrete Reinforcing Bar RR-2004-001 Canada
Laminate Flooring NQ-2004-006 Germany
Fasteners NQ-2004-005 Taiwan
Outdoor Barbecues NQ-2004-004 Canada
Combed Ring-Spun Cotton Yarns TR-2003-002 Canada
Cold-Rolled Steel Sheet RR-2003-004 Turkey
Hot-rolled Carbon Steel Sheet RR-2003-002 Russia
Preformed Fibreglass Pipe Insulation RR-2002-005 U.S.A.
Refrigerators RD-2002-005 U.S.A.
Bicycles & Bicycle Frames RR-2002-001 Canada
Fresh Garlic RR-2001-001 China
Polyiso Insulation Board RR-2001-002 U.S.A.
Fresh Garlic RD-2001-001 China
Fresh Tomatoes NQ-2001-004 U.S.A.
Corrosion-resistant Steel Sheet NQ-2000-008 India
Garlic Q-2000-006 China
Concrete Reinforcing Bar 2000-07 Canada
Grain Corn NQ-2000-005 U.S.A.
Refrigerators, Dishwashers & Dryers NQ-2000-001 U.S.A.
Hot-Rolled Carbon Steel Plate NQ-99-004 Ukraine
Iodinated Contrast Media NQ-99-003 Canada
Fresh Garlic RD-99-002 China
Concrete Reinforcing Bar NQ-99-002 Canada
Cold-Rolled Steel Sheet NQ-99-001 Turkey
Corrosion-resistant Steel Sheet RR-98-007 U.S.A.
Carbon Steel Plate RR-98-004 Ukraine
Fibreglass Pipe Insulation RR-98-001 U.S.A.
Fresh Garlic RD-97-002 China
Cold-Rolled Carbon Steel Sheet RR-97-007 U.S.A.
Bicycles & Bicycle Frames RR-97-003 Canada
Fresh Garlic NQ-96-002 China
Polyiso Insulation Board NQ-96-003 U.S.A.
Refined Sugar NQ-95-002 U.S.A.
Malt Beverages RR-94-001 Canada
Corrosion-resistant Steel Sheet NQ-93-007 U.S.A.
Integral Horsepower Induction Motors RR-93-004 U.S.A.
Fibreglass Pipe Insulation NQ-93-002 U.S.A.
Cold-rolled Carbon Steel Sheet NQ-92-009 U.S.A.
Hot-rolled Carbon Steel Sheet NQ-92-008 U.S.A.
Carbon Steel Plate NQ-92-007 U.S.A.
Bicycles & Bicycle Frames NQ-92-002 Canada
Tapered Roller Bearings NQ-91-007 Japan
Carbon Steel Welded Pipe NQ-91-003 Turkey
Beer NQ-91-002 Canada
Oil and Gas Well Casings RR-90-005 Argentina
Municipal Tractors NQ-90-001 Germany
Integral Horsepower Induction Motors RR-89-013 U.S.A.
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