Alison Peters

National Recruitment Specialist

As part of an accomplished group of Human Resources professionals, I am grateful to be challenged and engaged in my role. I am constantly learning from those around me and know that my skill set acquired in the past is contributing to our overall success. To be a part of the McMillan team is wonderful. I started with McMillan LLP as the Office Administrator for the Ottawa office. Within a year, I was given a tremendous opportunity to take on a national role moving into recruitment. I am very thankful for the trust and encouragement to support our national goals and to be a proud ambassador for the firm. I am consistently asked in interviews if there is room to grow. I can honestly say “YES” as I am one of many firm members who have grown in their role. McMillan LLP is a company that strives to constantly improve, support individuals and is open to new ideas. Having worked for a variety of companies, I am proud to be a McMillan team member.