April Wilhelmina

National Manager, Records

McMillan’s culture is one that actively fosters professional growth and a national camaraderie. I first started my career with McMillan in an entry level position and through the firm’s mentorship and guided development I am now the National Manager of Records and oversee the information management, retention, disposition and governance on our physical and electronic data. McMillan is focused on bringing out the best attributes in everyone which ultimately plays a key role in the success for our clients.  I’m incredibly grateful that I work in an environment that has highlighted my creative, analytical and investigative skill set.

Working with McMillan is like working with a family. There is a strong sense of place and belonging even with having a national scope. It really feels as if you are in one office. Through our communication technology everyone is just a moment away from connecting on any project. McMillan is a fantastic place to work, a place where you feel valued and part of a caring camaraderie. From the focused professional development, to the personal familial support, McMillan is truly the best place I have ever worked for and hope to continue being a part of that family long into the future.