charities and not-for-profit 


Charities and other not-for-profit organizations (NPOs) are essential parts of our social fabric. They deliver important services, often to society's most vulnerable groups, such as children, the elderly and the disabled.

At the same time, these organizations are subject to increasing oversight and regulation. They require legal counsel that can help them meet those challenges, while creating the optimal legal foundation to fulfill their missions.

McMillan's Business Law Group has extensive experience working with charities and other NPOs. We understand the regulatory frameworks and the business pressures they face. And we bring a holistic approach to addressing those issues —from tax advice to contractual agreements with suppliers and other partners to corporate governance.

We act for a wide variety of organizations, ranging from large national and international charities through to smaller organizations. Our clients include academic institutions, churches, hospitals, foundations, social service/cultural organizations, and professional associations.

Many of our lawyers serve as volunteer directors in community and charitable organizations, and our firm's Pro Bono Program has been recognized with three Zenith Pro Bono Awards.

McMillan professionals help clients by:

  • Advising on incorporation/organization, and obtaining charitable status
  • Counseling directors/officers on their duties/liabilities
  • Assisting with continuance under new corporate legislation
  • Handling mergers and windups
  • Drafting donor agreements and sponsorship agreements
  • Advising on foreign operations, and political and business activities
  • Advising on procurement and regulatory/compliance matters
  • Assisting with the administration of charitable bequests/planned giving
  • Merger of Ontario and federal registered charities
  • Advising large professional associations on transitioning under new Ontario NFP legislation
  • Advising large international associations on scope of permitted activities under federal Special Act
  • Advised major public foundation in connection with investment pooling arrangement to enable smaller charities to pool investment funds with public foundation to lower investment costs for all participants