A financially viable, well-managed and well-structured real estate development project can reap significant rewards for companies and their stakeholders, as well as the communities in which they are located. And while there are also risks involved in development, a sound legal strategy that covers all the bases will help minimize their impact.

At McMillan, our Commercial Real Estate Group helps clients position themselves on the right side of the risk/reward equation. We work with a wide range of developers seeking to acquire and develop real property, including residential, commercial, resource development projects and large-scale infrastructure programs. We also work with municipalities and governmental bodies to ensure their interests are protected in major development projects.

We counsel public organizations and private enterprises throughout the life cycle of a project—from structuring contracts to due diligence to advising on property management or disposition once the project is completed. Our work is characterized by its thoroughness, responsiveness and creativity.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by:

  • Providing counsel on pre-development options
  • Advising on optimal investment vehicles and structures
  • Counseling on land acquisition and financing
  • Advising on construction financing
  • Assisting with land use entitlements, approvals and permitting
  • Advising on environmental issues
  • Drafting and negotiating construction contracts and other supplier-related agreements
  • Drafting leasing and property management contracts
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations regarding pre-sales, securities and marketing
  • Assisting with dispute resolution and/or litigation with non-performing suppliers, buyers and other third parties
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