labour arbitration 


Labour relationships are governed by an interrelated web of federal and provincial labour statutes and the terms of any applicable collective bargaining agreement.

These constructs are often sufficient to set out the relationship between employer and employee. However, there is always the potential for grievances to arise due to a variety of factors including conflicting interpretations of the collective agreement, fluctuations in the economy and employee misconduct. While arbitration is typically viewed as a last resort, it is nevertheless effective because it tends to resolve disagreements cost-effectively, in a timely fashion and with a high degree of finality.

McMillan's Employment and Labour Relations Group delivers experienced legal counsel that defends employers and protects their business interests. We work closely with in-house human resources and legal teams to create a results-oriented strategy that minimizes risk and preserves public reputations.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by:

  • Representing employers in proceedings before arbitration boards and tribunals including the Canadian Industrial Relations Board and provincial labour boards
  • Providing counsel on unfair labour practice and bad faith bargaining complaints
  • Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each case based on our fluency with developing and established arbitral jurisprudence
  • Engaging in settlement negotiations with opposing counsel for swift and cost-effective resolution of grievances
  • Seeking and assisting in judicial reviews of arbitration and labour board decisions
August 2019

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