do business in Canada 



The wealth of Canada's natural resources, its strong economy, and stable government and banking environment makes Canada a sought-after nation for trade, investment and doing business.

But thriving in the sometimes uncertain global economy takes significant know-how and organizations operating in Canada can benefit from the guidance of experienced professionals to:

  • navigate foreign investment rules
  • understand provincial and federal labour laws
  • keep up with business tax rules and regulations
  • deal with government on public policy issues
  • ensure compliance with regulatory rules and policies
  • manage a successful business that meets strategic goals

McMillan professionals understand the risks and challenges faced by Canadian business and can help you build long-term plans for success. We focus on the industry-specific aspects of your business that can bring you the greatest value, covering everything from business law to financing to government relations.

For new investors, we have developed a Passport to Canada, a suite of services to assist in the set-up of Canadian operations – including entity formation, advice of employment, privacy and tax matters – that we provide for a predictable fixed fee. Welcome to Canada! 


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