The Internet age has brought about a wholesale transformation in the way people buy goods and services. Without leaving our homes, we can now buy everything from groceries to software to automobiles online; we can use a smartphone to download a song, stream a movie or pay a vendor on the other side of the world.

For any company involved in e-commerce, the protection of intellectual property (IP) creates a number of complex challenges. In part, this is because the online platform is frequently used to sell products and services, such as music, software and visual media, in which IP is the primary component of value in the transaction. At the same time, anything of value that is sold on the Internet must be shielded from theft or piracy. Failure to do so could mean catastrophic losses for the IP owners.

McMillan's Intellectual Property Group helps companies make sense of the world of IP as it relates to e-commerce—whether they are sophisticated Internet start-ups or established brick-and-mortar players building their online channels. We help e-commerce clients understand the importance of a robust approach to IP protection; establish policies and procedures to protect their IP; and aggressively pursue those who would seek to misappropriate it.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by:

  • Assisting with on-line contracting issues
  • Counseling with regards to website development, online advertising and marketing, and terms of use
  • Ensuring they comply with regulatory issues governing e-commerce
  • Advising on transaction security, customer privacy and consumer protection issues
  • Advising on relationship and linking agreements
  • Understanding jurisdictional and cross-border trade issues
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