As the world looks for alternatives to hydrocarbons, the highly competitive energy industry has become even more complex. Governments around the world are on a constant quest for energy security to power their economies, while also seeking price stability. Meanwhile, public and private enterprises must achieve their commercial goals in a shifting world of geopolitics, and subject to a myriad of regulations that differ greatly from one country to the next.

With some of the world's largest oil reserves—and a track record of innovation in nuclear, renewable power, and alternative sources such as wind, solar and biofuels—Canada is a key player in the world's energy markets. In such a fast-changing market, governments and businesses alike require legal advice that understands where the energy sector is going.

McMillan's Energy Industry Group has deep experience across the entire energy sector, both in Canada and internationally. We provide strategic assistance and tactical legal solutions to clients across the entire energy value chain, including senior, intermediate and junior oil and gas companies, utilities, renewable power generators, alternative energy developers, and financial institutions. We provide transactional and regulatory advice to governments at the federal and provincial levels, and work with major energy consumers to structure deals that meet their commercial goals.

Whether your business is upstream or downstream, well-established or seeking to penetrate this competitive industry with new technology, McMillan provides practical, actionable legal advice to help you achieve your objectives.

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