Negotiating lease agreements can consume valuable time and financial resources, but—when done right —can also protect your interests and increase your asset values. The key to success lies in obtaining agreements that clearly set out the obligations of each party, while maintaining a positive, productive relationship between landlords and tenants.

McMillan's Commercial Real Estate Group helps clients—both landlords and tenants—structure, prepare and negotiate a full range of commercial lease agreements including industrial, retail, office and ground leases. By preparing template and/or precedent lease documentation, we add value to our clients' businesses by maximizing efficiencies throughout the process, while mitigating potential risks.

Whether assisting with lease negotiations, advising clients with regards to daily property management issues, developing green building initiatives, drafting sublease or landlord consent documentation, or reviewing estoppel certificates, our lawyers help clients protect their interests.

McMillan lawyers draft and edit the Leases volume of O'Brien's Encyclopedia of Forms, one of Canada's leading legal publications. We also assist the Real Property Association of Canada (REALPAC) with the development of standard form leases for the real estate industry.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by:

  • Assisting with lease negotiations and agreements
  • Structuring property management contracts
  • Structuring sales and leasebacks
  • Designing tenders and advising on auctions
  • Providing counsel on site acquisition