legal translations  


Wherever their origins, companies operating in Canada must always consider the need for timely and precise translations between English and French. Compliance with requirements under Québec language laws, for example, is absolutely necessary, while delays or inaccuracies can be costly and jeopardize transactions. Corporate clients may also need to interact with the Québec government and international clients may have language requirements beyond English and French.

McMillan's Business Law Group maintains a translation department in our Montréal office that services our clients nationwide. It is a multiple-language resource equipped to completely support our clients' legal and business needs in Canada and, when required, to help them comply with the official language requirements of the federal or Québec governments.

Our legal translation team provides an accurate rendering, in French or English, of documents originally produced in the other language: securities law-related documents, such as prospectuses and continuous disclosure documents; or legal agreements of all varieties—regardless of their level of complexity. Increasingly, the translation department also handles clients' language requirements in Spanish and German.

Lawyers across many of our practices routinely work with the members of our translation department to provide a seamless, timely and efficient solution to our clients' linguistic needs.