While tastes continue to be influenced by local culture, new technologies and delivery channels have made the media industry global. Smartphones and tablets are enabling consumers to access content wherever they are, whenever they wish. Advertisers are asking media companies to develop creative solutions that ensure their messages are not bypassed in a world of digital video recorders and an abundance of distractions.

Cable operators, information service providers, publishers and others are no longer just conduits through which information and entertainment are delivered to the public. They are all part of a growing, increasingly interconnected group of organizations that curate, produce and deliver valuable content. To survive and thrive in this new world, media companies need to work with a law firm that understands their industry as well as the trends that are moving it into the future.

McMillan's Media, Communications and Entertainment Industry Group helps media clients adapt to the evolving marketplace. Our lawyers understand the pace of change in this industry and regularly work with the business leaders, regulators and decision makers who make it happen.

We work with a wide range of television and radio networks, specialty television services, satellite broadcasters and publishing companies to help them run their day-to-day operations profitably, while anticipating the challenges and opportunities of the future.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by:

  • Representing them before regulators such as the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission
  • Advising on intellectual property matters
  • Representing them in defamation and libel proceedings
  • Counseling them on foreign ownership rules and other competition matters
  • Advocating for legislative or policy changes, including copyright, competition, antitrust and foreign ownership issues
  • Advising on mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  • Assisting with operational matters such as employment, real estate, corporate and commercial contracts, and tax matters