planning and approvals  


Opportunities abound in real estate development. However, even the most attractive real estate opportunity can be significantly devalued if it cannot be developed profitably. Those that do proceed will need to steer through the maze of planning, zoning and land use approval processes—which can differ significantly from one jurisdiction to the next.

For the unprepared, planning and approvals can lead to significant delays and escalating costs. But for developers and their investors with sound strategies and experienced counsel, the process can instead create competitive advantages.

McMillan's Commercial Real Estate Group delivers expert counsel throughout the planning process including the due diligence phase. Our overriding goal is to help clients turn their property into profit, while adhering to the law.

Our team is made up of deeply experienced lawyers who are thorough and proactive advocates for the successful development of our clients' projects. We have helped Canadian and international developers secure consent and bring their projects to completion through our expert counsel and representation before governmental and regulatory authorities dealing with zoning and land use issues.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by:

  • Negotiating with, and appearing before, government and public agencies, and public interest groups
  • Providing advice on environmental and regulatory issues that may affect the use and development of real property, both brownfield and Greenfield
  • Advising on heritage or architectural landmark preservation issues
  • Ensuring safety code compliance
  • Counseling on environmental assessment, licensing and other development approval issues