public disclosures  


To make investing as fair as possible for everyone who participates, from individuals to institutions, companies must disclose material information in a timely fashion, regardless of how they feel it may impact the share price. The legitimacy of capital markets relies, in large part, on regulatory regimes that compel companies to provide full disclosure of material information.

McMillan's Public Disclosures Group is a leader in helping clients participating in Canadian, U.S. and global capital markets to comply with securities regulations governing disclosure. We recognize that, while the objectives are fair and understood, some disclosures may provide competitors with information they can use to their advantage. And so, we provide counsel that simultaneously ensures a client's compliance with securities regulations and standards, while helping to protect their competitive advantage.

In addition, the Canadian Securities Administrators and other regulators around the world are continually improving disclosure regulations and we help companies understand the evolving nature of these regulations.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by:

  • Advising on Canadian and cross-border filings
  • Providing counsel on exploration reports and disclosures from mining companies
  • Counseling on corporate materials, such as quarterly and annual reports, and proxy statements
  • Protecting directors and executives from civil liability claims
  • Assessing compliance with securities laws related to periodic financial statements and other disclosures
  • Assessing the transparency of financial results reporting