service industries  


Not every business produces a physical product. Hotels, restaurants, airlines and a myriad of other enterprises provide valuable services that people and businesses consume every single day. In fact, by some estimates, the service industry generates some 75% of Canada's gross domestic product and employs more than 10% of the workforce.

Smart service industry executives know that delivering the best possible experience to every customer, every time, is the surest route to success. But that must be done without sacrificing profitability. And it must be accomplished while contending with a host of hurdles that can trip up even the best-laid business plan including competition, government regulation, marketing laws and intellectual property concerns.

McMillan's Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail Industry Group helps organizations in the service industry anticipate and meet these challenges head on, whether they come from within or outside the organization. In doing so, we help our clients focus on what matters most: creating a superlative customer experience that brings them back for more.

Our lawyers have worked with a wide variety of service companies including hotels, airlines, restaurant chains, residential real estate companies, logistics firms and others. We also work with the organizations that support this industry, such as banks, industry associations and management companies.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by:

  • Advising on labour and employment matters
  • Assisting with tax planning
  • Advising on real estate matters
  • Counseling on intellectual property rights
  • Representing them in litigation and dispute resolution proceedings
  • Advising on financings, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  • Structuring and negotiating transactions
  • Assisting with regulatory compliance issues including advertising and marketing