Leila Rafi joins McMillan LLP and discusses trends in the funds market for structured products for Hedge Fund Law Report 

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January 2017


Leila Rafi recently spoke to Hedge Fund Law Report writer Michael Washburn about her wealth of experience and recentaddition to McMillan LLP as partner in the Capital Markets Group of the firm. 

The feature made note of her early work as a lawyer dealing with closed-end funds during a time where the industry was flush with products and demand. The piece also highlighted her  fund market expertise in Canada, citing  2014 and 2012 articles.

“I work in the funds space and the asset management space. It is a healthy portion of my practice,” she told Washburn.  “Asset managers were coming to market with offerings two to three times a year, raising north of $75 million on each one” according to Leila in her earlier years of practice. There’s hope for a brighter future ahead as new products enter into the marketplace. 

This article appeared in Hedge Fund Law Report, Vol.10, No.1 and was featured in their People Moves section on Jan.5, 2017.